Seasonal update

Chef Artem Osnach introduced new dishes

Chef Artem Osnach in December updated the menu with classic dishes of Russian cuisine. For an appetizer, guests will be offered marbled beef stroganina (525 rubles). It is served on a pillow of fresh lettuce leaves, with balsamic sauce and olive oil. Be sure to try the duck breast salad. It is baked in birch coals and the meat acquires a smoked taste. Supplement the duck with greens, lettuce and almonds (700 rubles).

It is best to warm up on winter evenings with daily cabbage soup — a classic dish of Russian cuisine, which the Na melnitse( Mill Restaurant) is famous for. To get a super rich broth, Chef Artem Osnach stews beef shank for several hours, and then adds sauerkraut with caraway seeds to it (450 rubles). Another hearty and warming dish is offal with buckwheat porridge (610 rubles). Porridge with butter and onions is simmered in the oven for a day, supplemented with chicken giblets, fried in sour cream, served in a pot.