Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
The mill has long been one of the most hospitable place in Russia. Restaurant "At the Mill" does not forget this and invites guests to special Christmas dinners in Russian style. Chef Artem Osnach, together with gastronomic journalists Maria Tikhmeneva and Elena Knyazeva, created 
two holiday sets. Choose which meal you like - plentiful of seven changes or more restrained of five. We wait for our guests for special Christmas sets from December 21 to the end of January.

To order dinners, you must pre-order the day before. phone + 7 ( 495 ) 625-88-90

 Big Christmas dinner (5000 rubles):

  1. 1. Christmas carol pie with liver and a stack of truffle vodka
  2. 2. Stroganin from northern muksun with sweet onions
  3. 3. Galantin from the lobsters with red caviar
  4. 4. Veal tongue salad with garden herbs in a gourmet sauce
  5. 5. Quail baked with potatoes under a cheese cap
  6. 6. Pork ribs with lingonberries and sour cabbage
  7. 7. Grandmother soaked in rum with figs soaked in spicy syrup.

Small Christmas dinner (2000 rubles):

  1. 1. Pie with red fish and a glass of homemade horseradish
  2. 2. Veal liver pate with slices of pear soaked in wine
  3. 3. Salad with duck, garden herbs and baked sweet apples
  4. 4. Lamb cutlets on the bone
  5. 5. Grandmother soaked in rum with figs soaked in spicy syrup.

The sets included dishes from traditional Russian winter products, dishes that were prepared for the winter holidays and the nobles, and the merchants, and the middle Russian class. We were proud of quails and other dishes of game, since it was Tsarist Russia that was one of the
main exporters of game in the world. Pork, lamb must be cooked for Christmas, because after 40 days of fasting, the Orthodox really wanted to try meat dishes. Poultry dishes were very popular, by the way, geese and ducks appeared on Russian tables much more often than usual chicken before the revolution.