“Sports Fan Menu” at the restaurant “Na melnitse"
On the eve of the main football event of this summer, the restaurant "Na melnitse" will please guests not only with live streams, but also with a special "Sports Fan Menu". The chef of the restaurant Alexei Magdiev tried his best, the menu turned out to be especially diverse: you can try pork ears, prepared for a special old recipe, meat sticks that are served with assorted sauces. The menu was also possible without traditional summer soups: okroshka and beetroot soup. As hot snacks and main dishes, guests will be invited to try the wings of the farm chicken at the stake, homemade chebureks, as well as pork ribs on the coals and chicken shoulders in bread crumbs. As main dishes it is possible to order a mackerel in baked ashes, and also a pork foreshank. The menu will be available from June 4th until July 15th. Phone: +7 (495) 625-88-90 Address: Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 24